Book Reviews – Vol. 48 No. 03

Book Reviews – Vol. 48 No. 03

Book Reviews – Vol. 48 No. 03

Gospel of God’s Grace
Sunday Reflections Cycle A 

THIS book is a compilation of Gospel reflections written by the priests and perpetual professed members of the Society of St. Paul. The reflections were written by the contributors between 2010 and 2014, two significant dates in the life of the Institute. The SSP marked in 2010 their 75 years as a province in the Philippines and Macau, while 2014 celebrates their 100 years of foundation as a congregation. This collective effort is a celebration of God’s grace and faithfulness.  As it is said in the book’s   presentation page, the Gospel reflection “is not just a communication of the rich exegesis behind the texts”… but “a storytelling on how the message of the text has truly been a life-experience and faith-experience for the Pauline priest or brother.”


Something Happened on My Way to Happy Ever After
Rissa Singson Kawpeng

SHORT, brief, entertaining, but profound in its message. This inspirational book is a collection of articles that were published in the editor’s column of Kerygma Magazine where the author is the editor-in-chief. In this collection, the writer shares with her readers her struggles and the challenges that she has had to face first as a single lady and later on as a married woman. Matter of fact and simply presented, the true to life stories are bursting with lessons that readers can learn from and apply in their lives. The author has also written other volumes, including Confessions of an Impatient Bride, Discover Your Inner Beauty Queen, Oh, God, I’m Still Single, and Love Handles: How to Find and Date Your Lifetime Love.


Easing the Pains of Battle
Spare Families from Court Cases. Mediate! 

Maria Gracia de V. Riñoza-Plazo

THE ever-changing lifestyles of modern families nowadays have given more reasons for family members to fight each other. Accusation of infidelity and abuse between husband and wife, fight over inheritance among children, a father’s failure to provide support for his children—these are just some cases that threaten to destroy a family and to which family court judges are challenged to deal with balancing “stoic logic with a touch of compassion.” The author, who in her own words, describes herself as “a lawyer who doesn’t like to sue”, would rather mediate and help her warring clients to come into an agreement out of court. This book deals with true stories of men and women, children and parents who at one time or another have been involved in family disputes and needed mediation to settle their differences amicably.


Solace in Suffering
Wisdom from Thomas à Kempis 

Edited by Sr. Mary Lea Hill, FSP

IN this season of Lent, a good book on the topic of suffering helps one to get a profound new insight on the value of pain and other physical inconveniences that modern life offers us. This book which is a collection of excerpts from the classic Imitation of Christ by Thomas à Kempis shows us how “to relate our pain and hardships to those experienced by Jesus.” Life’s difficulties, be it caused by suffering from sickness, injustices or inequality, become meaningful and meritorious if seen through the eyes of Christ and borne with him. With this disposition, one finds meaning in suffering, something that is too real in our lives, but the spiritual value of which we often take for granted.